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How Directional Learning Was Born

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Over 40 million American Adults are dyslexic - and only 2 million know it. One in five students has dyslexia. Dyslexia can affect reading and spelling. It can create other challenges in handwriting, math, and cause directional confusion in tying shoes, learning time and more.

Working with dyslexic students, I discovered a commonality. Something in common that I saw with my students was a deficit of completely not knowing or understanding direction on themselves, on paper, on objects or knowing direction on someone else, or understanding how direction works. Working with many students and seeing my own dyslexia deficits of not knowing my right and left made me pray, ponder and explore dyslexia in a much deeper level. My own quest to re-mediate my own confusion of direction, and the suffering I saw others with dyslexia experience, led me to create a program that re-mediates direction or gives the student a better understanding of direction and allows individuals to learn the way their brain was designed to learn.

If you start to look at the many challenges that some dyslexic students face you will discover that most of the learning challenges are related to direction in some way. I once worked with a student who could not learn her place value. I asked her which hand was her right and left. She was very quick to tell me which was her left and right. But suddenly a fire alarm drill occurred at the school. Her and I were walking to our meeting place and I asked her to turn right and she said she didn't know which way was right. She understood it on herself but not in space. Once I taught her direction using symbols in the place value columns she was able to easily learn place value quickly. I had another student who was not dyslexic. This student was Autistic non verbal and he could not learn how to tell time, so I broke the clock in half and taught him in a directional way and he too learned very quickly. I believe both students were visual spatial learners that just needed to learn in a visual spatial way.

While working at a local elementary school I saw students who could not read, spell, write and who struggled in many subjects. But as I worked with them, I found out all of them had the commonality of having some type of directional deficit. Once I gave them a different concept of direction they learned quite quickly. I saw many students give up on themselves because they were taught the same way and it clearly did not work for them. If you teach someone the same way and they never learn. They can think less of themselves. I had students call themselves dumb and believed they were never going to learn to read, spell or learn math. I thought to myself this can't be happening, and why is this happening? There are reading and spelling programs that work for Dyslexia. But these kids were not given the opportunity. So I went on a quest to design a free reading and spelling program so there is no excuse it is too expensive to teach a student. On the way to this journey, I was able to create not only a reading and spelling programs but everything else a Dyslexic student can struggle with because of the gift that God gave me.

I am blessed to be Dyslexic because I too share the gift of being Dyslexic. I would not give up my Dyslexia for anything. We are thinkers who can think outside the box and our brains are so remarkable as to how we learn, how we store the information, and how we retrieve it once we tap into our gifts for learning. I believe the program is a bridge to reading and learning. I believe that our ultimate goal as Christians is to help these students who have Dyslexia and teach them to read so they can study God’s words in the Bible. My hope is this will give them a relationship with our savior and one day be able to enter into his kingdom as they see God sitting there on the throne and see Jesus sitting on his Right. My prayer is to get God’s program researched and distributed FREE to his children. Our father has never turned us away so we should never turn his children away. And All the People said Amen..

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