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Thank You

Thank You for your contribution in helping us spread awareness and providing your special talents in enhancing the Directional Learning Program for many to learn throughout the years.  We appreciate each and every one of you.

Acton Academy Placer

Matt Beaudreau-Founder of Acton Academy Placer

Student Cast from Acton Academy Placer Launchpad Studio for helping us make the video of Dyslexia Awareness, Left Right Confusion.  Your voices will help many around the world understand about dyslexia.

Voiceover Actors from Acton Academy Placer

Matt Bassham, Superhero Dad

Annelyse Gould, Teenage Sister & Narrator

Ryland Lane, Dad & Coach

Imagen Ogden, Little Girl in Park & Narrator, Age 15, Aspires to be a Makeup Artists.  Instagram:

Dylan Rogers - Superhero Son, Age 17, Aspires to be a Voiceover Artist and Video Editor

YouTube Channel:





Great Appreciation to our GREAT ARTIST Alanni who has brought our characters to life, so our students can learn.  We APPRECIATE your time and dedication to Directional Learning.  You truly are a gem and a GREAT Illustrator and we are proud to show your work around the world for all to learn.

Alanni Illustrations, Yak (Letter Y), Scissors (Letter X), 3 Amigos (consonant le)

Yak got a haircut.jpg
Yak iii.jpg
Yak eee.jpg
3 amigos.jpg
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