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What Are We About?

Our goal is to teach as many people to learn to read and spell.  Anyone can learn they just have to be taught the way they learn. 

We teach by re-mediating any directional deficits by using our 123 System.  The 123 System gives the student a understanding of direction.  Then the curriculum is taught in a directional visual spatial way and then the leaning becomes quite fast.

Directional Learning is taught in a whole different way.   It is a multi-sensory program but it takes it a few steps further by teaching direction and placing the learning in the same directional visual spatial format for learning. 


We have the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Multi-Sensory Learners but our program adds another element for learning to take place and we call it the Directional Learner.

We want the excuse to go away that the program is too expensive to teach.  Every person has the right to learn so our program is FREE for all to learn.  The curriculum was designed for teachers, parents, and tutors to teach it freely to students.

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