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Why Does Our Program Work?

Our Directional Learning Program works because it teaches the way the Dyslexic brain or person with learning differences was was designed to learn. People with Dyslexia can struggle with reading and spelling. In addition to the reading struggles the student may have difficult with writing, math, and learning their left and right. All these items on the list can be related to directional deficits.

Directional Learning has discovered simply re-mediating the directional deficits or giving them a better understanding of direction is quite helpful in our steps to rapidly teaching reading and spelling. We also tapped into the strengths of what individuals with dyslexia seem to be gifted with and that is they show great strength in visual spatial processing once they are taught direction. Once we re-mediate the directional deficits then all our curriculum is put into a directional visual spatial format for them to learn. Then the learning becomes easier and faster for them to grasp. It also can make learning fun and they want to do it more often. Research shows that when an individual receives delight with something and wants to do it more it may be opening new brain pathways so learning can happen and that is what we believe is happening.

Everyone is capable of learning we just have to figure out how they learn. Our Directional Learning Program is a multi-sensory program that takes it a step forward to rapidly remediate the direction so they can learn to read and spell. It creates an imprint for them to visually learn the material, store it, and retrieve it with a quick sprint back in the same directional visual spatial place they learned it. Our Directional Learning Program is free for all to learn and teach. If you teach the program we ask that you teach it freely to others.

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