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Our Latest Events

August 9, 2020

Directional Learning YouTube Channel

We just launched 3 new videos.  Learn to Tell Time, Inside of the Clock and the Outside of the clock for our younger students.  Then we launched our 3rd video for the 4th Grade Student to Adult Learner to learn time.  Before watching our time videos make sure you watch our videos on direction.  We teach direction so we can teach in a directional way.  Our curriculum is free and we are excited to teach anyone who wants to learn.

August 9, 2020

Directional Learning Videos

All of our curriculum videos are free and they teach many subjects that students with Dyslexia or people with learning differences struggle with.  Our videos help re-mediate the directional deficits or it gives the student a better understanding of direction and then we teach in a directional visual spatial way.  It is a new way of teaching and learning, and we believe it works because it was designed for the Dyslexic brain or Directional Visual Spatial Learner. 

Our first video that we released was learning direction and that is a must see because all of our curriculum is based on the 123 System.  We will be teaching handwriting and reading very soon so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Our Latest News

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Our Website

We are in the process of recording Directional Learning Curriculum  Videos so we can teach to parents, teachers and students. All of our videos will be released as they are completed.  Go to our curriculum page or YouTube Channel and you will see what videos are posted and what is coming soon.

We just ask that you teach it freely, because everyone deserves to learn.


Welcome to Directional Learning

Every person has the right to learn and Directional Learning is free for anyone who wants to learn.  We strive to teach everything that people with dyslexia struggle with.  We teach reading and spelling to the student who does not learn in a traditional way.  Directional Learning was designed for the dyslexic learner and those with learning differences.  Directional Learning was created for teachers, parents, and tutors to teach it freely to others. 

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